This site will stay online until the 3rd of January 2017.

It is over and done! HeadbangersFM is no more.

We thank all of our listeners and all the promotors, bands, labels etc for sending the releases.
We also want to thank Mario, Luco, Joey, Yngwie, Erika, Bj√∂rn and all the DJ's  for taking the time to be part of HeadbangersFM/Power Metal Radio.

Thanks to all the bands that made a jingle for us or did an interview with us through Skype, 5 Questions or Face to Face. Also many thanks to the bands that visited our studio for an interview or play "live" (JVT Band).

It has been a great 12 1/2 years!

We are sorry that the end was not as we had planned. The computer on which we played the tunes, crashed due to the heat in the studio. (although, so we think!) This all happened an  hour before we would say goodbye to all of our listeners and those who watched us.

Well, this is it! Keep Metal/Rock/Punk/RnR/Blues alive!